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Aerial Fiber Optic Cable

Aerial fiber optic cable refers to a kind of fiber optic cable that is designed and used for outside plant (OSP) installation between poles by being lashed to a wire rope messenger strand with a small gauge wire. Generally speaking, they are usually made of heavy jackets and strong metal or aramid strength members. Adopting aerial fiber optic cables, the aerial construction will allow the installers to reuse the existing pole infrastructure without digging up other roads to bury cables or ducts, and will also save the capital expenditure for the network providers to some degree.

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Aerial Fiber Optic Cable And Types

Aerial fiber optic cable is a fibre optic cable that is hung on a pole and is required to be able to adapt to various natural environments. Aerial optical fiber cables can be laid using the original overhead open line poles, saving construction costs and shortening the construction period. It is suitable for areas with flat terrain and small undulations. Aerial fiber optic cable is mainly hung under the steel strand and self-supporting between poles. Its laying method is through the pole hanging line bracket hanging or bundle (winding) erection.

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Overhead fiber optic cable is an optical cable installed on poles. One of the most advantage is that it can save costs and shorten the construction period.

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