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Air-Blown Micro Fiber Optic Cable

Air blown fiber systems use air to blow micro optical fiber cables through pre-installed microducts.

Air blowing fiber, also known as jetting fiber, is an efficient way to install fiber optic cable and facilitates future expansion of optical fiber networks.Fibers can be installed in areas that are hard to reach or that have limited access. Air Blown Fiber is also recommended for environments where there will be many changes and additions to the network. It also allows for duct installation before you know how much fiber is actually required, and so eliminates the need to install dark fibers. It also reduces splicing and nterconncton points so ptical loss is minimized and system performance is enhanced.
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Most Required Air Blown Micro Fiber Optic Cable


What are the Advantages of Air Blown MicroFiber Optic Cable?

Compared with the traditional laying of fiber optic cable, air blown micro cable is a high-tech fiber optic cable and has outstanding advantages.

Space Utilization
Air blown fiber cable can minimize the size of fiber optic cables, conduits and other supporting products as much as possible. Therefore, it improve the utilization rate of the pipe and fiber placement density, and maximize the use of pipe space and saving costs.

Economic Efficiency
The construction cost of air blown micro fiber cable is lower than the common fiber optic cables, which can effectively reduce the pipeline costs and achieve a clear management interface.
By reducing construction costs and improving economic efficiency, the micro blowing fiber cable is the best technical means of a shared construction.

Network Flexibility
Air blwon fiber optic cable can be used throughout the FTTx network. It can be installed in the feeder section with one-time deployment and then branched out in the introduction section according to customers' requirements.
This kind of construction eliminates the traditional fiber optic cable fusion splicing and other complex work, greatly improves the flexibility of the network.

Air Blown Fiber (ABF) System Installation


ABF systems are made up of a network of microducts that connect at various locations. The components of the air blown fiber system include microducts, a blowing apparatus, optical fiber microcables, termination cabinets, and connecting terminating hardware. Ducts connect to the blowing apparatus. The blowing apparatus blows air through the ducts. This creates a vacuum inside the duct and pulls the microcable into and through the microduct. Duct distribution cabinets are installed everywhere the ducts branch to another location and at each end of every length of duct.


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