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FTTH Fiber Optic Cable

The meaning of FTTH is Fiber to the Home, which refers to an application type of optical fiber access that the ONU is installed at the location of family users or enterprises.  FTTH not only can provide larger bandwidth, but also increases the transparency of data form, speed, wavelength, and protocol loosens the requirements of the environment and power supply and simplifies the maintenance and installation.

Our outdoor drop cable (shape type) is a drop cable specially designed for last mile installations in fiber optic networks that, thanks to its rounded edge structure, allows better handling in the field.

The cable consists of 1, 2 or 4 G.657A fibers with an attenuation coefficient of 0.4 dB/km at 1310nm and 0.3 dB/km at 1550nm. It has a tough and flexible black LSZH outer sheath. Its flammability level can be varied according to each need. It has a diameter of 5.0x2.0 mm and a weight of approximately 20 kg/km.

The cable is equipped with a metal messenger of 1.2, 1.0 or 0.8 mm diameter (depending on customer requirements), 2 metal reinforcement elements of 0.4 mm diameter or 2 FRP reinforcement elements of 0.5 mm diameter, which provide excellent resistance to external forces such as impact, bending and crushing.


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FTTH Drop Cable Installation Accessories

FTTH drop cable

Good Quality FTTH Drop Cable Price

1, All types of fiber cables with different structures.
2, High performance optical network operating.
3, High speed optical routes in buildings (FTTX). 
Temperature Range:
Operating :-20℃ to 60℃
Storage :-20C to 60℃
1, Special flexible cable, to provide greater bandwidth and enhance network transmission characteristics;
2, Two parallel FRP make the cable have good compression performance, protect the optical cable;
3, Cable structure is simple, light weight, practicality
4, Unique groove design, easy to peel, easy to pick, simplify installation and maintenance;
5, Low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant sheath, environmental protection. 
Comply with standard YD/T1997-2009

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Which FTTH Cable Depending On The Application and Use?

To ensure future-proof FTTH infrastructures, it is important to be familiar with the architecture of the FTTH network to be deployed and to be aware of the associated constraints. Thus, for choosing the most suitable drop cable to a specific rollout project it is important to determine if:

● The FTTH drop cable is to install indoor or outdoor.

● For outdoor installations, does the cable has to be pulled into duct or rollout on overhead layouts or on facades?

● For overhead configurations, are the cables exposed to strong winds or wind vibrations?

● No splice is foreseen between the Optical Distribution Point (ODP) and the Optical Telecommunications Outlet (OTO).

● Cables are compatible with Field Mountable Connectors.

Depending on all these criteria, you can select between drop cables for indoor, outdoor or FTTH cables meeting the needs of both indoor and outdoor installations thanks to their dual sheath construction.

It is also essential to observe the structure of the fiber optic cable (MC3) as this is also the first level of fiber protection. There are two distinct fiber optic cable structures : loose and tight (or semi-tight).

In the first case, fiber is encased in a tube presenting a slightly larger inner diameter than the fiber itself. The fiber is protected against mechanical stress by this tube which can sometimes be filed with gel. Multifiber optical cables usually present a construction including reinforcement elements such as aramid yarns so to reduce the the cable’s sensitivity to elongation or contraction.

For cables with tight structure, the fiber protection is ensured by the extrusion of a thermoplastic directly over the fiber coating.


Which FTTH cable depending on the application and use?

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