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Photoelectric Composite Fiber Optic Cable

It refers to the transmission line used in the broadband access network system. It is a new type of access method. It integrates optical fiber and transmission copper wire, which can solve the problems of broadband access, equipment power consumption and signal transmission.

Single-mode/multimode fibres are housed in loose tubes that are made of high-modulus plastic and filled with tube filling compound. In the center of cable is a metallic strength member. The tubes and copper wires (of required specifications) are stranded around the central strength member to form a cable core. The core is filled with cable filling compound and armored with corrugated steel tape. Then, a PE sheath is extruded.

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Photoelectric Composite Cable Advantage:

1.  High transmission efficiency: optical fiber transmission efficiency is much higher than copper cable, photoelectric composite cable can simultaneously transmit a large number of data and power signals, improve transmission efficiency and stability.

2.  Good security: photoelectric composite cable uses optical fiber to transmit signals, which will not produce electromagnetic interference and fire hazards, and ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

3.  Low maintenance cost: the photoelectric composite cable has compact structure, long service life, reduces maintenance cost and failure rate, and improves work efficiency.

4.  Strong anti-interference: photoelectric composite cable has strong anti-interference ability to electromagnetic interference, lightning and other external interference factors, to ensure the stability of data transmission.

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Photoelectric Composite Fiber Optic Cable


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