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ASU Fiber Optic Cable

ASU Fiber Optic Cable ASU is a self-supporting dielectric cable that contains a single loose tube, with the capacity to have up to 12 optical fibers, which are protected from moisture using jelly to fill the tube and hydro-expandable material to fill the core, therefore, the ASU cable is a dry cable (S).

The 2-24 Fibers ASU Cable(AS80 and AS120) is a Self-Supported Optical Cable, It was developed to provide the connection between devices, being indicated for installation in urban and rural networks, in spans of 80m or 120m.  Because it is self-supported and totally dielectric, it has FRP strength member as a traction element, thus avoiding electrical discharges in the networks.  It is easy to handle and install, eliminating the need to use strings or grounding.


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Optical Fiber

We Generally A grade fiber core of large factories is used, and some lowquality optical fiber cables of small factories usually use C grade andD grade optical fiber and smuggled optical fiber with unknown origin. Due to the complex source of these optical fibers, the factory has a long time, and they are often mixed with single-mode optical fiber, and the general small factory lacks the necessary testing equipment and cannot judge the quality of optical fiber. Due to the naked eye cannot identify such optical fiber, the construction of touch is often the question is: the bandwidth is very narrow, short transmission distance; Uneven thickness, can not be docked with tail fiber; Optical fibers lack flexibility and break when they are bent.


Outer Sheath

Indoor cable generally use PVC or flame retardant PVC, the appearance should be smooth, bright, flexible, easy to peel.  Poor quality fiber optic cable skin finish is not good, easy and inside the tight sleeve, aramid adhesion.
The PE sheath of outdoor optical fiber cable should be made of high quality black polyethylene, and the outer skin of the cable is smooth, bright, uniform in thickness and no small bubbles.  Inferior fiber optic cable skin is generally produced with recycled materials, which can save a lot of costs.  Such fiber optic cable skin is not smooth, because there are many impurities in the raw material, the fiber optic cable skin has many very small pits, and it will crack and water after a long time.



FRP fiber optic cable strengthening core is an important component of the cable/cable, generally placed in the center of the cable/cable, its role is to support the fiber unit or fiber bundle, improve the tensile strength of the cable, etc.  Traditional fiber optic cables are reinforced with metal.  FRP non-metallic reinforced parts with their light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, long life advantages are increasingly used in a variety of optical cable.

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