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company descriptionPowerful R&D Laboratory

Specializing in manufacturing fiber optic cable products
After more than ten years of practice and technology accumulation, FEIBOER Laboratory has a strong R&D team and rich professional testing instruments, which is an experimental site of balanced comprehensive ability research and innovation, providing a strong basic guarantee for independent R&D and design of new products.

R&D, Challenge and Innovate-Professional R&D Team

With years of R&D experience and perfect product development process, our R&D center insists on the business philosophy of "Innovation drives development and quality builds brand", continuously increases R&D investment, flexibly designs cost-effective product solutions and personalized products that meet customer needs, effectively combines the latest technology with actual application scenarios, actively consolidates and improves the technical level and innovation strength, and responds to the new era with new technology and new architecture to respond to the call of the times.

Our technologyOur technology

  • Advanced Test equipment and Environment
    To ensure the best quality, the highest reliability, FEIBOER equipped itself with a series of the most advanced equipment in a collaborative quality control center, which includes several labs and a number of mobile QC working stations.
  • Scientific QC Mechanism
    Based on the experience and practice we accumulated over the past years, we have developed a highly effective and running-smooth QC working system accustoms to FEIBOER's genes.   We keep upgrading and adjusting our QC structure according to the latest scientific guidelines and related standards, so as to ensure that we're always up with the standard the market requires at the time.
  • Serious Attitude and Rigorous Doings
    Each operator working on QC positions has to finish their training course and pass a professional skill assessment.   Constant training lectures help QC employees get guidelines and principles firmly embedded in their minds.   We take a series of measures to help each of them build a rigorous mindset before QC doings.   We did a lot on quality and we're doing more because we do care.

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