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We are partners of our customers from first contact toafter-sales service. As a technical consultant, we discuss the requirements with our customers and develop solutions that increase the efficiency and added-value. Along the entire - ISO 9001 certified process chain - we offer the most attractive solution package.

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company descriptionDevelopment History

2008 - The company was established in Changsha, Hunan. The company began to agent fiberhome products FTTH, GYXTW, GYTS, etc., 
2009 - The company received the construction of computer room and dormitory of teaching building of Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medical Science.
2010 - The company purchased an indoor optical cable production line, mainly producing FTTH indoor optical cable.
2011 - The company undertook a military transmission project in Cili County, Hunan Province, mainly including GYTA53 optical cable.
2012 - The company purchased another outdoor optical cable production line, mainly producing GYXTW,GYTS53, etc.
2013 - The company began to cooperate with the Institute of Posts and Telecommunications to focus on the research of optical cable technology and achieve technological breakthroughs.
2014 - The company's business expanded to all parts of the country, contributing to the construction of communications in the central and western regions of the country.
2015 - The company set up a factory in Anhui, and set up the international business department, the products are exported to Southeast Asia and America. The global market is also growing rapidly. 
2016 - The company focuses on the development of overseas markets, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Peru, Colombia, Honduras, etc., 
2017 - The company cooperated with many overseas well-known brand suppliers, relying on excellent quality, meticulous service, efficient and fast delivery ability. 
2018 - The company's OPGW, ADSS, ASU, FIG-8, GYXTW, FTTH, GYTS, GYTA33 were well received by customers at home and abroad, and the production line was expanded again.
2019 -  We has a complete product line of 30, which can produce various optical cables and accessories to meet the needs of the global market.
2020 - Set up a number of agents in South America, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East to effectively promote our products and increase our brand awareness.
2021 - For the development of the company, we set up relevant departments with strong technical, marketing, after-sales and financial teams to solve various engineering project solutions, marketing plans, technical support and training for customers free of charge.
2022 - We are always on the way.


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