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Indoor Fiber Optic CableBreakthrough



Indoor fiber optic cable are optical cables laid in buildings. It has low tensile strength and light weight, which is economical for establishing communication network in buildings. It's mainly used for communication indoors, computers, switches and end user equipment in buildings.

The distance of indoor fiber optic cable is often not long, and multimode fiber cable can be used. Optical fibers like same multimode bandwidth, gigabit and 10G and strength member like non-metallic reforced core and aramid yarn are often used for indoor cable. G.657 fiber has high performance on the bending resistance which is perfect for indoor wiring. For indoor wiring, connecting equipment, fiber patch cord, drop cable and distribution cable. FEIBOER offers drop cable, breakout fiber cable, OFNR riser, simplex cable and duplex cable.

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Excellent Peel Performance

High-quality fiber core with fully optimized attenuation and dispersion characteristics, precise geometric parameters ensure low splicing and high splicing efficiency.

Mulitple models for your choice,High quality fiber core, resistant to bending and large bearing capacity. The transmission is stable and the distance is long, the signal is strong, and it is easy to weld.

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