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Underground Air Blowing Micro Cable

Structure Innovation in sheath, air blown micro fiber enhancing the blowing performance.

Particular technique control, fiber air blow prevent sheath form crinkling during installation.

Accurate fibre length balance, stable mechanical and temperature performance.

Product Overview

Feiboer has been devoted to developing and producing the fiber air blow. So far, we have produced various air blown cable types, in that, the optic cable air blown and the air blown micro fiber optic cable are the main products.

Product Advantages

Structure Innovation in sheath, enhancing the blowing performance.

Particular technique control, prevent sheath form crinkling during installation.

Accurate fibre length balance, stable mechanical and temperature performance.

Special complex material loose tube, reduce the shrink of tube in cold temperature.


Unless otherwise specified in this specification, all requirements shall be mainly in accordance with the following standard specifications.

Optical fibre ....ITU-T G.652D、G657、IEC 60793-2-50

Optical cable....IEC 60794-5.IEC 60794-1-2


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    FEIBOER has more than 15 years of professional experience in the development and production of fiber optic cable. And with its own core technology and talent team rapid development and expansion. Our business covers indoor fiber optic cable, outdoor fiber optic cable, power fiber optic cable and all kinds of fiber optic cable accessories. Is a collection of production, research and development, sales, export as one of the integrated enterprises. Since the company was founded, the introduction of the world's most advanced fiber optic cable manufacturing and testing equipment. There are more than 30 intelligent production lines, including power fiber optic cable ADSS and OPGW production equipment, from the entrance of raw materials to 100% qualified products. Every link is strictly controlled and guaranteed.

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