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GDHH Photoelectric Composite Fiber Optic Cable


It refers to the transmission line used in the broadband access network system. It is a new type of access method. It integrates optical fiber and transmission copper wire, which can solve the problems of broadband access, equipment power consumption and signal transmission.


(1) Communication far power supply system;

(2) Short-distance communication system power supply.


(1) The outer diameter is small, the weight is light, and the occupied space is small (usually a series of problems can be solved by using multiple cables, where a composite cable can be used instead);

(2) The customer has low procurement cost, low construction cost and low network construction cost;

(3) It has excellent bending performance and good side pressure resistance, and it is convenient to construct;

(4) Simultaneously provide a variety of transmission technologies, with high adaptability and scalability, and wide application;

(5) Provide huge bandwidth access;

(6) Cost saving, using the optical fiber as a reserved for the household, avoiding secondary wiring;

(7) Solving the problem of equipment power consumption in network construction (avoiding repeated deployment of power supply lines)

Structure and composition:

(1) Optical fiber: optical signal receiving interface

(2) Copper wire: power interface

    Mobile operator deploying an RRU architecture to standardize the RRU.
    1.  Hybrid of fiber cable Suitable the filed where needs to transmit light single and electric single.
    2.  Mobile operator deploying an RRU architecture to standardize the RRU.
    3.  Used in outdoor applications that require both optical fiber and copper wire elements for communication and power.
    4.  Copper wire can power remote electronics used in fiber optic communications.
    5.  Copper wire can also be used for low data rate data transmission.
    6.  Deployable cables have been used in network and private broadcast applications around the world.
    7.  Cables can be designed for your custom applications.

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    Hybrid fiber cabling solution was developed to reduce installation complexity and costs at cellular sites,allows mobile operatiors deploying an RRH architecture to standardize the RRH installation process andeliminate the need and cost of cable grounding. Hybrid cable combines optical fiber (multimode or single mode ) and copper conductor for DC power in a single light weight aluminium corrugated cable

    Factory direct delivery, fast delivery, customized as required

    1. The composite cable provides the equipment electricity and single transmission, and improves central monitoringand maintenance for equipment power.
    2. To reduce the coordination and maintenance of power supply.
    3. Combines optical fiber (multimode or single mode) and copper conductor for DC power in a single light weightaluminum corrugated cable.

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