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ADSS Optical Cable Overview


I. Research background
A. ADSS cable definition and characteristics: ADSS cable is A kind of optical fiber communication cable hanging in the power transmission line, with light weight, strong tension resistance, high wind pressure resistance characteristics.
B. Application of ADSS optical cable in the field of communication: ADSS optic cable is widely used in the communication transmission of power system, which can achieve remote monitoring, fault location and other functions.
C. Current problems and challenges of ADSS optical cable: At present, there are problems of difficult construction and high environmental requirements in the installation and maintenance process of ADSS optical cable.

II. Purpose and significance of the study
A. Analysis of the role of ADSS cable in the existing communication network: Through the analysis of its practical application in the power system, we can better understand its role and influence.
B. Discuss how to improve the performance and reliability of ADSS optic cable: In view of the existing problems, study how to improve its design and manufacturing process to improve performance and reliability.
C. Research on the opportunities and challenges faced by ADSS optical cables under the development trend of future communication networks: Combined with the development trend of future communication networks, analyze the opportunities and challenges that ADSS optical cables may face.

III. Research contents and methods
A. The existing literature on ADSS optical cable is summarized and analyzed. The relevant literature at home and abroad is integrated, and the technology and market demand are analyzed deeply.
B. Through field investigation, data collection and other ways to obtain relevant information and analysis and comparison: field investigation or online questionnaire survey and other ways to obtain the latest data, and comparative analysis.

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